Oh Z Strapless Bra | Inspired by Skims



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Oh Z Strapless Bra | Inspired by Skims


  • Skims-inspired Elegance
  • Second-skin Comfort
  • Strapless Freedom
  • Versatile Styling
  • Fiona-Approved Fit
  • Premium Luxe Feel
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Meet the Oh Z Strapless Bra – your new style sidekick, taking cues from the effortlessly chic vibes of Skims. This bra isn’t just about looks; it’s your secret weapon for looking good and feeling even better.

Imagine slipping into a bra that feels like a second skin. That’s the Oh Z Strapless Bra for you – crafted with precision for comfort that lasts all day. Inspired by Skims, it brings that touch of luxury and sophistication to your everyday wardrobe.

Say goodbye to annoying straps and hello to freedom. The Oh Z Strapless Bra is your go-to choice for versatile styling that lets your unique fashion sense shine. Fiona gave it the nod of approval, so you know it’s got that perfect fit, enhancing your natural grace effortlessly.

We’re not just about style – our premium materials are handpicked for a luxurious feel, blending softness, stretch, and breathability. The Oh Z Strapless Bra is more than just a bra; it’s a commitment to feeling confident and chic, whether you’re rocking it under your favorite dress or lounging at home.


Black, Skin


34/75B, 34/75C, 34/75D, 34/75E, 34/75F, 34/75G, 36/80B, 36/80C, 36/80D, 36/80E, 36/80F, 36/80G, 38/85B, 38/85C, 38/85D, 38/85E, 38/85F, 38/85G


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